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Hi to you all. Whilst many of us Aussies are stuck at home feeling pretty glum, Ginnie & Pinney went on a happy little journey of its own.

Our publisher, Big Sky Publishing entered our books into the Educational Publishing Awards of Australia and ... we got a gong! The books gained a high commendation in the Primary Teaching Resource section. It seems like Ginnie & Pinney is going from strength to strength.

You can check this out for yourselves if you would like.

I am not sure how many of you know that Winnie and I have been working on Ginnie & Pinney for ten years! Winnie was my student at Monash University and her Masters project was a series of animated characters doing some very cute things. After we both left the uni we got together and worked hard to develop what you see today.

The idea of creating stories to encourage ethical thinking, empathy and emotional intelligence came after I read an article in The Age newspaper about how important it is to teach young children these things.

After engaging three very clever educators in developmental psychology, education and linguistics we were off and running; well, we were actually crawling a long for quite a while I must admit.

We wrote the books in both English and Chinese and after a few trips to China meeting university academics to discuss the project, we nailed a publishing contract there. Sadly things didn't work out so well. We decided to self publish. Some of you reading this blog might have the original 8 book set.

Following on, we submitted the books to the not for profit, Finnish Educational Organisation, HundrED, and were selected as one of a hundred of the most innovative educational projects across 37 countries for 2019. But you possibly know this already.

After the HundrED award, the Victorian Department of Education and Training selected Ginnie & Pinney for their School Readiness Funding Menu for 2020 (and onwards).

With these, I felt confidant to seek out an Australian publisher and were thrilled when Big Sky Publishing gave us the green light and now we are proud to say that this year we have been highly commended at the EPAA.

What a journey. So when you read Ginnie & Pinney's Flight of the Kite you will know that Winnie and I have lived the major learning outcome of Persistence in that story, clearly stated on the front cover of the book.

In the meantime, I hope you are okay and finding things to help occupy your young children. We will be posting some more activities on our socials, very soon. Just remember we are living both being 'persistent' and 'resilient'.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I am hoping I will be able to make a very exciting announcement about Ginnie & Pinney. Just watch this space!!

Until next time, stay safe and sane.


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