Finger Puppet Activity

Hi everyone!

Have we ever mentioned we love our felt finger puppets? These Fair-Trade Finger Puppets are handmade in Nepal and are a popular product along side our books.

What are the finger puppets for?

"To use along a book-reading, of course." You would say.

But besides that, there are many more ways you can use them to develop alternative skills with your children; such as fine motor skills, communication skills, concentration etc.

Here is a simple activity idea to inspire you.

Download and print out the illustration PDF below.

Finger Puppet Activity
Download PDF • 893KB

Take a look at the illustration and ask the children to place each puppet on the correct finger as in the illustration.

As an extra activity read one of the Ginnie & Pinney stories with them and ask them to play out the story with the finger puppets. Ask them some of the questions from the question section of our website and you may be surprised by their wonderful insights.

You can order your Puppet Set by clicking the link below:

Have fun with the puppets!!

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