Hop Lulu Hop!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hi to you!

Do you know who is the most sporty one in the group?

Yes, Lulu!

She loves sports day and she's really good at jumping.

So, let's make a hopping Lulu today!

Here are the materials we are using for today's craft:

Wrap one paper cup with grey colour paper.

Cut out two oval shapes for Lulu's ears and colour the middle with pink.

Stick the ears and eyes to the paper cup.

Draw a nose and a mouth.

Put a rubber band around the paper cup as in the photo below:

Now, Lulu is ready to hop!

Place Lulu on top of another paper cup and press down...

Let go!

And watch Lulu hop up high to the sky!

I hope you all like today's craft idea.

You know what is even more fun?

You can make many other characters using the same method and have a hopping competition to see who hops the highest!

Have fun hopping everyone!!

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