It’s a giraffe kind of day 🦒

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I don’t know about you but I feel like today is a giraffe kind of day (not so sure why...). So I decided to make Ginnie!

Here are the materials I used👇

I cut out the following parts from the colour papers:

You might be wondering what the two yellow stripes at right top are. I used them to make Ginnie’s neck! Like this 👇

Tadahhhh! Genius, right?😉

Next, let’s do the assembly. Mine looked like this👇

Not bad, right? I even painted a tree next to Ginnie. Perrrrfect!

I don’t have a template for this craft making because it‘s supposed to be quite free-styled. 😎

Can you make your own Ginnie? We would be soooo happy to see everyone’s master piece! And I’m sure Ginnie would too!

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